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1957 Chevy Truck

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POSTED 2/1/2008 - PL

1957 Chevrolet Series 3100 Heavy Duty Pickup Truck VIN 3A57B1250
This ½ ton Chevrolet pickup truck was originally delivered to a US Army motor pool
near Washington D.C. It was probably used as a “barracks” truck for many years.

Pickup trucks of this type were used both on and off military posts primarily to shuttle light cargo,
mail, baggage and personnel around the many posts in the Washington D.C. and Northern Virginia.
If it could talk it might tell us about some very interesting passengers.

The Army procurement department attached a permanent identification plate to the
dashboard of this type vehicle, as was the case for all civilian type cars and trucks for use by the military.
That plate is still on the vehicle and includes the procurement contract number,
date and other Army information.

The truck is a 2 wheel drive vehicle, referred to as HD,
meaning it has a heavier than standard front axle, a military requirement.
That was a minor problem for us when we replaced the front drum brakes
with a disc brake kit and power assist.

The truck has about 71000 miles.
We replaced the speedometer with a replica in February 2007.
The original worked continuously for the prior 50 years.
The replacement was set to reflect the original miles.

The vehicle left the military sometime in the late 1970’s.
It was purchased in 1998 from a gentleman in Timonium, Maryland,
who had used it for a short time to haul building materials for his home remodeling project,
but he bought it to restore and he spent 12 years on that project,
mostly on the body and paint work. He had the original engine tuned but it ran fine
and he focused on the trucks appearance.
He painted it “Strawberry” it was of course originally Army green.
The interior is very authentic with the floor starter and an untouched dashboard.
It was recently custom carpeted and backed with sound insulation.

The second owner installed a rebuilt small block V8 taken from a 1978 Corvette.
The engine was completely rebuilt before being installed in the truck.
It of course bolted into the truck without any modification since the 1957 Chevy truck
had a small block option. It runs great with the new Edelbrock Four Barrel.

A power steering kit was installed since the original steering was a real chore.
We added air conditioning (Vintage Air) and an automatic transmission,
a new steering column and a new steering wheel. It is from the prior series Chevy truck
so it is not correct, nice but not correct.

The wheels are from a 70’s era Chevy to hold the more modern tires.
New shocks and exhaust system were installed.
The suspension; frame and steering box are all original and in good, clean, painted condition.

Except for the power upgrades and the engine (correct for the period but not original)
the truck is quite authentic and in great condition. It has no rust.
It is actually fun to drive in a throw-back way. It gets lots of attention as it rolls down the road. 


- No overpayment accepted.
- All Checks Must Clear

Please call Ron at Motorcars On Main 859 420-8110  

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Old Chevy Truck
Old Chevy Truck
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